Review – Suspended Company Lacking User Reviews is an online pharmacy providing cheap drugs to its customers all around the world. The goal of this pharmacy was to provide generic alternatives to people who were tired of paying high prices just to get their refills. The medicines available at Top Rx Medicines belong to different categories such as anti-acidity, antifungal, antibiotics, diabetes, weight loss, skin care, arthritis, pain relief, Parkinsonism, men’s health and more. ED drugs are also considered to be the best sellers on this website. Different types of ED drugs can be found in the store’s collection. I checked the price of 100 mg Viagra soft and found it to be 2.20 US Dollars per pill which was quite high.

The shipping service can be availed by choosing one of the two available options. Express Delivery Service charges 29.95 US Dollars and takes 7 to 14 days whereas Regular Delivery Service charges 19.95 US Dollars and delivers within 15 to 25 days. Top Rx Medicines does not offer a refund and only reships the product if the customer is willing to pay for its delivery services. Payment can be made via Bitcoin and credit cards. There are several ways to contact the company i.e. by calling at 1(888)228-2003, by emailing to the official address or via live chat. I tested the live chat and was quickly replied by an agent.

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I decided to know a little more about and checked the company for any customer reviews that it has received over the years. I thoroughly checked the official website as well as many other reviewing websites in hope to find customer reviews but failed badly. It is disappointing to know that a particular drug store is devoid of customer reviews. This is because a lack of customer reviews means that there is something wrong with a pharmacy. Generally speaking, a good online pharmacy tends to have a lot of customer reviews from people who have tried it out and found it to be good. Conversely, drug stores such as Top Rx Medicines that do not have any testimonials are considered to be fake or too poor to order drugs from. Hence, I would advise all the customers to stay away from such drug stores and only order from authentic pharmacies. Reviews 2017

Top Rx Medicines has not received any reviews in the previous years so I decided to check if any customer gave a comment on its recent performance. Unfortunately, I was also not able to find any testimonials in this regard. The only option that I had was to check LegitScript for what it had to say.

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What LegitScript says about Top Rx Medicines is quite predictable given the fact that the store is lacking reviews. The company has been regarded as a rogue internet pharmacy website which means that it has been unsuccessful in fulfilling the conditions set by LegitScript. It also means that the company is not safe enough to order drugs from.

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According to Scamadviser, this website is based in Germany but is originally working from the Russian Federation. We all know very well that any website that is based in Russia has an extremely high possibility of being a spam. Customers are likely to get robbed by these stores either by not receiving the drugs that they paid for or by receiving low-quality replicas. Coupon Codes

I checked in order to find any discount offers that it is giving to the customers. After a thorough search of the website, I was only able to find one.

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This offer is related to extra pills and it has been accompanied by a sign that says “+30%” to which imply that the store is offering 30 percent free pills to its customers. However, I noticed that this offer was not applicable to all the orders but was actually limited to those customers who had already ordered from Top Rx Medicines at least once. The company has also not explained the nature of the pills that are to be granted to its customers as a bonus.

Conclusion is a substandard website that still needs a lot of work to be called as a successful pharmacy. The company needs to know about the importance of customer reviews and must work on this area as currently, the store has none. Moreover, Top Rx Medicines also need to clearly define its discount section and make it more appealing to the customers if they want to survive in the growing competition. Scamadviser has called it as a fake pharmacy that runs from the Russian Federation which pretty much explains why the company has not been working to improve itself. Hence, I would say that Top-Rx-Medicines is a fake drug store that is not suitable for buying ED drugs from. Saying this, I will give this company a rating of 1 out of 5.