Review – Stay Cautious During Transactions

I was going through a catalogue of online pharmacies and came across, an e-pharmacy with a very good website. The website is interactive and easy to use but that is not enough if you are serious about buying anything from an online store. According to website, Roid4Sale has been around since the year 2001. It has been around for more than 15 years. However, there is no clear information on the location of the business. The online pharmacy business is booming and it’s being helped on by the universal access to internet services, the presence of reliable shipping methods to far-away places in the world and reliable and secure money transfer methods. is an online drug pharmacy that deals in weight-loss products, Anti-Estrogens, anti-depressants, Diabetes, Sexual health, muscle relaxers, pain reliefs and many other products. However, it majors in anabolic steroids, anti-estrogens and human hormones. It claims to source its products directly from renowned manufacturers such as Eurohormones, Asia Pharma, Schering-Plough and Pfizer. They also claim that they don’t need any prescription to order from the site. Some of the main drugs on offer at Roid4Sale include Stanabol Inj BD going for 45 EUR, Oxanabol Tablets BD for 95 EUR, Trenabol Inj BD 10ml for 90EUR, and Osanabolic Tablets AP for 95 EUR. Roid4Sale has not specified whether their drugs are FDA certified but they have severally mentioned that customers should confirm their drug regulations with local FDA if they so wish. accepts payments via credit cards, money transfer, bank to bank transfer, MoneyGram and Bitcoin which they refer to as the safest and fastest online payment option. Roid4sale ships its products worldwide and packages are sent very discreetly. They go on to say that shipping time is around 5-21 days depending on the destination after processing the shipments within 2 business days. Shipments are done from various locations worldwide for faster delivery. The cost of shipping according to the information provided is 15 Euros to Canada, USA, Europe and other countries in the world. No specifics are provided as to the methods of delivery.

The refund policy has been delineated. If the customer does not receive their order within 30 days, they must notify Roid4Sale within 40 days of the order day in writing. I also found out that if the delivery is made incorrectly or the goods are damaged, you have to notify them within 14 days. I sought to find out how fast their customer care service is responsive. image6 9

I navigated to the contact us page and found out that to get any sort of help, one needs to register an account and log in first. I found this quite unnecessary but went on to create the account and asked a question. They promised to get back to me in 24 hours. I did not get a response. There are no phone numbers to call. Reviews

Before I make any purchase, I have to get my hands on some customer reviews to see what other customers experienced. I normally do not trust testimonials on the website because no website ever puts up negative reviews and all you find are positive ones from every customer. This is highly impossible because a business can’t satisfy all its customers. I went on to find reviews on independent review websites and encountered pharmaciesreview.

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According to Jason, he made a couple of orders from and says that “they are legit” meaning they are a legitimate business. David also tested and found it to be legal. He went on to say that delivery of his order took “less than 2 weeks”. Roy has made a couple of orders from in the past and thinks they are “ok and legit.” These are positive reviews mainly and really help improve the image of the business. However, I didn’t stop there and had to have a look at more recent reviews because the ones above are dated quite a few years back. Reviews 2016

In the internet, there are some websites that do reviews of other websites on the net to establish whether they are legit and help unearth vital information to a user about the websites being investigated. There are two websites I know that would help check out I visited scamadviser and typed the name of the website.

image4 26

According to scamadviser, roid4sale is a low trust rating website that is not safe to use. The site is based in Russia but that doesn’t automatically make it a bad business. It is the low trust rating that causes alarm and the fact that the site is not safe.

image5 20

I went further to see what had to say about website. According to, has few visitors and has an 18% rating. In addition to that, discourages people to buy anything from roid4sale. Coupon Codes

As with other online stores, has some interesting offers for its loyal customers. These offers are meant to turn prospective customers into frequent buyers. I was excited at the prospect of being able to buy Asia Pharma and British Dragon products at reduced prices by up to 50%. That is such a mouthwatering offer that I found very attractive. In addition to that you can order with Bitcoin.

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Bitcoin has been dabbed the ‘online currency’ and it is impressive for its convenience. For buying using bitcoin, you get a 10% discount. The fun doesn’t end there, in order to encourage direct bank transfer payments, has a 20% discount for that. Barring other negative characteristics of the store, I’d say that Roid4sale is a nice place to buy.


The reviewers had some kind things to say but one can’t fully be convinced about the authenticity of a site based on positive reviews especially if they are totally positive. It is suspicious and looks doctored.  I’d be less skeptical if there were some not so happy customers amongst the happy ones because that’s how businesses run. I was not impressed with the customer care services and the fact that you have to register to the site to receive any help.

The offers are quite decent and the prices aren’t so bad either. Due to the discrepancies, I give a 2 out of 5.