Pharmacy Mall Review: Reliable Network of Online Pharmacies That Served a Million Customers

The online pharmacy business is now considered as a million dollar business on the internet. A quick search about online pharmacies that can dispense this and that kind of medicine can now give you hundreds of web results. Pharmacy Mall is one of them. Google ranks web result based on reliability, popularity, and feedback hence if you will search for trusted online pharmacies in Canada, you will find Pharmacy Mall. You will also find some drug websites with that carries the Pharmacy Mall banner. These are affiliates or part of the network of online pharmacies under Pharmacy Mall.

The Pharmacy Mall network carries the same medicines that the main Pharmacy Mall offers. They have the same prices, the same looks, and similar website designs. They have the same list of offered medicines such as drugs to treat allergies, infections, erectile dysfunction, hypertension, diabetes, depression, and anxiety. This network of online pharmacies also offers birth control pills, weight loss drugs, and hair loss treatment. All members of Pharmacy Mall only offer Food and Drug Administration approved medicines. These online pharmacies are also members of CIPA, MIPA mad Pharmacy Checker.

Pharmacy Mall Reviews

The Pharmacy Mall network of online pharmacies has served more than a million customers. According to their webpage, they have more than a million happy customers. To verify it, we decided to search for reviews and testimonies from the verified customers of Pharmacy Mall.

Pharmacy Mall Reviews
Pharmacy Mall Reviews

Based on what we found, most customers of Pharmacy Mall are happy with their fast and quick service. They deliver on time. Their medicines are also cheap.

We also found a review stating that they tried Pharmacy Mall after reading some customer reviews. It looks like this store is establishing its reputation thru positive customer testimonials. A customer from France trusted Pharmacy Mall because of the positive feedbacks she read about it. To date, Sophia of France considers Pharmacy Mall as her drugstore to go. She also finds the price affordable as compared to her local drugstore.

These customer reviews for Pharmacy Mall reveals how powerful customer reviews can be. It can make a store grow and have more customers. It can also break a store’s reputation if given a lot of negative feedback. Luckily, most of the reviews we found for Pharmacy Mall are good and inviting.

Pharmacy Mall Online

Known as Canadian Pharmacy Ltd, Pharmacy Mall is currently registered and licensed as an online pharmacy. It means that all websites with the Pharmacy Mall are also licensed. Since 1997, Pharmacy Mall has been distributing and selling high-quality medicines to their customers worldwide. Their reach became wider with the introduction of different online pharmacies that became part of the Pharmacy Mall network.

Example of Pharmacy Mall Site
Example of Pharmacy Mall Site

What are the medicines that you can order from Pharmacy Mall? This online drugstore offers generic and branded medicines. They also offer over the counter drugs and Rx drugs. For Rx drugs, they do not require a prescription. For your safety, Pharmacy Mall encourages its customers to seek medical advice first before taking a medicine. Their offers include:

  • Generic Viagra for $027 per pill
  • Generic Cialis for $0.6 per pill
  • ED Sample Pack for $2.31 per pack
  • Propecia for hair loss treatment for $0.51 per tablet
  • Prednisone for $0.30 per pill
  • Zithromax for $0.40 per pill
  • Dapoxetine or hybrid ED drug for $0.95 per pill
  • Cipro for $0.22 per pill

The bestselling medicines of Pharmacy Mall mostly include drugs from the erectile dysfunction category.

Pharmacy Mall Coupon Codes

There are no current promotions or coupon codes that the Pharmacy Mall network offers. They are focusing on providing low-cost medicines hence the need for a coupon code is no longer needed. For their existing and new customers, they can take advantage of offers such as bonus pills on every order and free Airmail shipping on all orders that are worth $200 or more. They also offer 100% money back guarantee and discreet shipping. Pharmacy Mall understands that you want your privacy hence you are ordering online and they show this by sending your order in a very discreet packaging.

Pharmacy Mall Free Bonus Offers
Pharmacy Mall Free Bonus Offers

For the bonus pills, customers can opt to have 2 pieces of Viagra, Levitra or Cialis as their freebie.

Pharmacy Mall Phone Numbers

Online buyers are happy whenever they find stores that offer them the best-priced products with the highest quality. For medicines, it is the safety of the drugs that matter and Pharmacy Mall proves that their offers are safe because these are approved by the Food and Drug Administration. If you think you are receiving a poorly produced drug or you have an issue with your order, you can contact the customer support team of Pharmacy Mall networks via 718 487 9792 and 4420 3239 7092.

These numbers are available for US and UK customers. For customers outside of these countries, you can contact Pharmacy Mall via their ‘contact us’ page. Their contact us page will only require your name and email address so they can get back to you. When submitting a report via their contact us page, make sure to provide as much information as you can.

Pharmacy Mall Spam and Phone Calls

One of the promises of Pharmacy Mall and its online pharmacies is keeping their customers information private and confidential. It means that all information provided on this website will be kept for reference purposes only. They do not send spam emails and make spam phone calls to market their products or their websites. Pharmacy Mall doesn’t support such activities.


Pharmacy Mall aims to provide affordable medication to people across the world. They do so by selling quality drugs at the lowest price possible. These medicines are shipped via International Airmail and EMS delivery. All Pharmacy Mall network pharmacies are offering safe and effective medicines. For these reasons, we are giving Pharmacy Mall network a rating 5 out of 5. If you want to check this e-dispensary out, do so today. You will never know how good they are until you try them!