Online RX Review: Dedicated to Timely Delivery of Effective Medications

Online RX refers to a network of online pharmacies that operates as one entity but under different web addresses. All the websites that work under Online RX have a homepage that looks the same and also sells similar products which cost the same. It would be impossible for a customer to differentiate between the various websites but this should not be a reason to worry since all the websites are legitimate and sell original medications. Below is a photo showing the homepage that will be found on the websites that work under the Online RX network which include Cheap pills, Pharmacy Mall and Online RX.

The reason behind the establishment of different websites is to attract more traffic and ensure that they enable as many people as possible to access cheap and effective drugs. All orders that are placed at any of the websites affiliated to Online RX will be processed by a licensed pharmacist to ensure that only what has been ordered will be dispensed. Customers can, therefore, shop in confidence knowing that the drugs that will be delivered will work as well as the drugs sold in local pharmacies.

There is need to apply cautions when shopping in any online pharmacy as some of the rogue pharmacies that operate online may use a homepage that is similar to Online RX in an effort to convince people to buy medications from them.

Online RX Reviews

Online RX has been reviewed by many customers since its establishment in 1997 and all the reviews are positive. Leeroy from Italy is one of these customers and he says that for the three times he has purchased his medications from the pharmacy, the delivery was made on time. He also says that the content of the package was just as he had ordered and the drugs looked just like the drugs he had previously been taking. Charles who is a resident of Deutschland was glad that he was able to buy his medications at a lower price compared to the cost he would have paid at a local pharmacy. He is also grateful that he was able to get a free gift every time he placed his order.

Online RX Client Reviews

Jessica from Australia is a happy customer as she was able to buy her medications at an affordable price. The above are just some of the many reviews that customers who bought drugs from the pharmacy have submitted. They are clear indications that the pharmacy is good at what it does and does not disappoint at any time. None of the customers have complained that the drugs did not work as they should and this is a sign that the pharmacy can be trusted for the supply of all your medications. The wait for the shipping of the drugs will not be too long as all the customers testified that the deliveries were done on time.

Online RX Online

It will be difficult for a customer to know the website he is dealing with since all the websites that are affiliated with Online RX network look the same and the drugs are priced equally. Online RX conducts its operations through various websites which have been certified by the bodies that are tasked with regulating online pharmacies. This means that they have fulfilled all the requirements and can, therefore, be trusted to deliver the drugs that work as good as the drugs you would buy from a local pharmacy. You can choose to make your purchases at any of the websites affiliated with the network as they all operate in the same way and will deliver the same high-quality medications.

Some of the Product Categories Offered by Online RX

The drugs sold have been certified as safe for human consumption by health bodies such as the FDA and will not lead to any health complications. To make sure that only what is right is dispensed, a licensed pharmacist is responsible for the disbursement of all orders. He will also be available to attend to any concerns regarding the drugs purchased at the pharmacy and offer advice to the best of his ability.

When a customer gets to the pharmacy’s website, he will be able to immediately search for the drugs he wishes to buy in the provided search box. If he is not sure of the medications he will use, he can browse the complications he is suffering from and the results will show the different drugs that can be used to treat the health complication he wishes to treat.

Online RX Coupon Codes

Online RX is set on ensuring that their customers will be able to afford their medications by offering huge discounts. For instance, there is a sample pack for erectile dysfunction medications that contains two major brands of erectile dysfunction medications by the name Viagra and Cialis. A customer will buy them at a discounted price where 20 pills will be sold at $46.16 which amounts to $2.31 per pill. This will give the client to try both brands and then make an informed choice when buying the brand that will work best for him.

Special ED Sample Pack Sold by Online RX

Whenever a customer places an order at Online RX, he will be given ten free pills and also get a 10% discount which will be deducted from the total cost of the drugs.

If the cost of the drugs exceeds $200, free shipping will be offered which will also amount to great saving.

Online RX Phone Numbers

The following are the contact numbers that customers can use whenever they wish to talk to a customer service representative at the pharmacy:

  • +1-718-487-9792
  • +4420-3239-7092

If a customer wishes to leave a message, he can use the customer’s contact form that is available on all the websites that are affiliated with the Online RX network.

Online RX Spam and Phone Calls

On searching the internet, there is not a single complaint that was located in regards to a customer getting spammed when purchasing drugs from Online RX.

It is also evident from the reviews that are available that Online RX only contacts their customers when there is an update that they need to know. They do not make any unnecessary calls to their customers at any time.


Online RX network of pharmacies should be the first choice whenever one wants to purchase drugs online as there is a clear indication that the network is trustworthy. AS a result of its dedications to customer satisfaction, we will give a 5* rating as there is not a single complain in regards to their delivery of services.