Online Pharmacy No Prescription Needed

Traditionally, patients received a written prescription from their physicians and submitted those prescriptions to their neighborhood pharmacist to have them filled. Although this method fulfilled its purpose of acquiring prescription medications, several inconveniences were experienced. Perhaps the most common inconvenience was when consumers found their pharmacy closed and they had to wait until it opened again before they could get their medication. At other times, written prescriptions may have been misplaced or lost. There’s also the problem of those patients who, for health reasons, may be unable to get to the drug store and they have no one to take care of this matter for them. Then there’s the challenge of expense and not having all the money needed to purchase the medications.

The launch of online pharmacies for obtaining prescription medications solved various dilemmas and inconveniences. Suddenly, there was a new method for purchasing medication that eliminated so many of the concerns that once existed. This industry is a godsend for people who live in remote areas or simply live a distance from the nearest drug store. Using reputable online pharmacies, medications can be mailed, delivered by or picked up from drug stores, and there’s no distress over closed stores since online drug stores are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

Some more advantages of these websites are 1) medical consultations with in-house physicians are available via email or telephone; 2) they supply ample health information; and 3) they have reliable customer service departments. When consumers browse through the numerous websites, they’ll find that not only can they find information on obtaining prescription medications, but they’ll also find advice on myriad subjects such as personal care, allergies, diet, fitness, and more.

There are also websites that are available for the sole purpose of presenting online pharmacy reviews to help consumers make informed decisions about which online drug stores to use, and that offer advice to consumers on how to avoid becoming victims of frauds and scams. Consumers have access to other customer reviews regarding specific online pharmaceutical companies. These sites request assistance from the public by asking them to report their experiences, favorable or unfavorable, about the online pharmacies they’ve used. There are also sites that do the research and investigation for consumers to compile a directory of respectable online drug stores with unblemished reputations that are qualified to meet the explicit needs of all patients who use them.

The current economic state and the fact that countless people are operating without proper health care insurance have forced many consumers to reconsider if and how they should purchase their prescription medication. Online drug stores have been a salvation for many in that consumers can explore the possibility of using a cheap online pharmacy or a discount online pharmacy that would enable them to purchase their medications at affordable prices.

Purchasing Prescription Medication without a Prescription

One of the greatest benefits is the fact that consumers can get some of their medications from an online pharmacy without a prescription. However, the online pharmacy no prescription needed benefit applies only to certain drugs and customers will have to inquire as to whether or not the drugs they’re interested in require a written prescription. If a written prescription is required, then the patient will be asked to send it after the order has been completed. On the other hand, many foreign online pharmacies operate under the online pharmacy no prescription policy and do not require a written prescription to dispense prescription medication. Instead, there are professional physicians on staff who have the legal right to determine medical diagnoses and prescribe medication based on exclusive information received from patients in a detailed medical questionnaire. In any event, all consumers should have a valid written prescription on hand when ordering prescription medication online.

Use Caution when Purchasing Medication Online

Much of the internet is unregulated and therefore, everyone who uses it has to be aware of some of the hazards involved. There are concerns about 1) privacy and keeping personal information out of the wrong hands; 2) acquiring sufficient verification that the companies are valid and legal businesses; and 3) whether these businesses are operating within the laws and regulations set by the FDA. Thus, consumers should look for proof that ensures the websites are safe and secure. For instance, the first thing to look for is whether or not the company has been certified or accredited by an authority that can be trusted such as the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and VIPPS (the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy). If they have, these seals will be located at the bottom of the website. Second, consumers should confirm that the website has a clear and concise set up of their Privacy Policy and Terms of Use that will spell out in detail how all customer information will be used, and discuss their rules regarding refunds, shipping and returning merchandise.

Over the years, the online pharmaceutical industry has been subjected to rigorous changes to assure customer safety and privacy but due to the nature of the internet, some of this responsibility has to also be on consumers. Initially, people should research several websites so that they become familiar with the features involved to help them to develop a certain amount of practical knowledge that will guide them through the process. After spending a reasonable amount of time researching and discussing facts with customer service representatives and in-house physicians, consumers should feel more confident when making their decisions.