Review – You can Now Add this Store to Your List of Scam Websites is another store quite impossible to access, that I am so sure it is closed. I took a chance for this store and sought the aid of proxy servers, but instead of being able to visit the website, I was redirected to another error page. Sadly, the store is indeed 100% non-functional and to gather more minutiae for the shop, I had to browse the shop’s past web archive records.

Men’s Health Pill also failed to have comprehensive information from its retrieved web data. However, I found that the store’s façade is yet another overly used web template, which led me to believe that the store functioned as another traffic-catching affiliate store. Menshealthpill’s name was “Trusted Tablets”—a highly peculiar name for a domain called

The products on were the usual stuff you’ll find in most online drugstores—in fact, the meds were also arranged by medical conditions and in an alphabetical fashion, as with other common online pharmacies. You can find meds for allergies to women’s health, and buyers were able to have most of the products on the store without prescriptions. had an odd policy for prescriptions—it did not state if it required actual scripts for its Rx meds, but it stated that it did require written Rx for some of its medications.

Despite the large database of products on, amongst all the drugs, the meds popular on the store included generic Amoxil, generic Cialis, generic Levitra, generic Cipro, generic Diflucan, and several other products. Since I saw that the store sold erectile dysfunction products as well, I also checked the price offers for consumers and I found out that sold the generic Cialis for at least $1.90 per tablet, generic Levitra for at least $2.00 per tablet and generic Viagra for at least $0.92 per tablet.

As for the shipping, charged its consumers $10 for the regular shipping but also offered a faster EMS option, which cost more than the regular shipping option. Payments were collected by Men’s Health Pill using VISA credit cards alone, unlike the other online shops with more payment options.

Since the store’s now offline, no buyer can reach the shop’s support team even if they decide to use the available phone numbers and the contact page on the retrieved shop’s screenshots. Reviews

I Googled the pharmacy but I couldn’t find any reviews on reliable external websites.

Using the web archives to access this leery website, I was able to gather some reviews from alleged clients on its own testimonials page. Let’s see what the few comments I discovered said:

image1 28

Carlos recommended to his colleagues and friends since the pharmacy was “excellent”.

On the other hand, one “James” related being able to buy from products with lower costs than their local pharmacy prices and, according to him, the meds were of the same quality as the ones he was able to buy from his neighborhood drugstore.

Geilert appreciated the pharmacy’s “prompt delivery”, but it was odd that he did not describe the efficiency of the meds.

I am kind of glad this store can’t be accessed anymore because these reviews are all fake and merely copied. I have been reviewing pharmacies long enough to recognize certain patterns and I saw these testimonials in different stores I have previously visited. This drugstore is likely another scam store. Reviews 2016

I am sure that is an unreliable and illegal store. Only online pharmacies that are not compliant with the law have the need to hide their websites. To confirm the actual status of the store, I ran Men’s Health Pill through scam analyzers:

image4 25

According to Scamner, has a null credibility, being a pharmacy with a 0% trust score. This low trust rating is due to many reasons: Men’s Health Pill is based in a country typically associated with scam online stores, doesn’t have an SSL certification and is, therefore, a very unsafe site to browse. Moreover, the seller was reported to dispense illegal and counterfeited products. More importantly, Men’s Health Pill has been reported an online scam many times before.

image2 28

Scam Adviser tells me that the pharmacy is based in Ukraine. As the previous evaluation, has a low trust rating and unsafe website—it was only given a zero score out of 100 and was identified to have a ROGUE rating. Coupon Codes

Men’s Health Pill did not have coupon codes for its consumers, but the store offered various discount schemes for its consumers. Free generic Viagra Soft pills were given to consumers with orders of at least 20 pills for Priligy, Propecia, or any impotence treatment.

image3 30

Free shipping was also awarded by the shop for consumers with orders more than $150.

As for discounts 5 to 7% off discounts were given by to consumers on their 2nd and further orders from the store.


I am rating only 1 out of 5 because it is now closed and besides its closed and inaccessible status, the shop did not have real consumer reviews from clients who previously tried the store. You can begin to search for new online pharmacies to consider and add to your list of scam websites.