Review – Don’t Trust This Affiliate Store

Today, I’m reviewing an online ED meds provider also known as, a seemingly affiliated pharmacy of Nº1 Online Pharmacy.

The store, which I believe to be located in Canada by the looks of the website, has been in the online meds business for more than 9 years. The pharmacy is a commonplace of Indian produced medications without the need of a prescription. Indian pharmaceuticals are perfectly capable of providing quality generic medicines at much cheaper prices.

Patients who suffer from erectile dysfunction, diabetes, cancer, alcoholism, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, mental disorders, HIV, etc., can find reliable meds at

The FDA-approved meds sourced by Meds-Health-Pills can be obtained by budget-friendly prices. Generic Viagra pills have a starting cost of $0.69, generic Levitra tablets can be acquired for as low as $1.5. Brand Viagra pills have a price of $9.00 per piece. Generic Cialis is also available for $1.30/piece.

The meds are paid by credit cards, exclusively. With the exception of some Asian countries, ships meds to every country in the world. Standard international airmail is free for every order, taking 10-21 days to arrive. Express orders can be delivered between 5-9 days, costing extra $30. The company stresses that orders above 90 pills might be sent in different packages. refunds damaged or lost orders, providing a money-back guarantee to all unsatisfied customers.

Inquiries and other issues related to refunds should be addressed directly with the company’s customer support. can be contacted via a contact form, or by phone. The toll-free number for US customers is + 1(800) 943 9753. The UK or European clients must call to + 44 1204 897 361. Reviews

To ascertain credibility, I looked up on google what customers had to say regarding this store. I typically pay more attention to reviews from independent sites since these testimonials are more trustworthy. However, no external reviews were available concerning Mens-Health-Pills, so I have to consider only the ones attached to the store’s official website.

In one testimonial, Steve mentioned that the meds are “as expected”, thanking Mens-Health-Pills for their help and service.

image1 27

Kieren appreciates the pharmacy’s “prompt and efficient service”. Kiren recommended the pharmacy since the pills arrived within the expected timeframe.

Another client also says his order arrived with “no problems”.

After a closer look, I realized that these reviews are very similar to others posted on other online pharmacies websites, without any kind of modification. This attitude will not be tolerated and I won’t support this fraudulent behavior. My trusting rate for this pharmacy is zero. I recommend consumers to stay away from such e-pharmacies and search for other sources of medication. Reviews 2016

There is another way to access an online pharmacy’s reputation: using trust rating results provided by scam analyzing sites. I discovered what I feared the most: has been threat listed previously and belongs to a list of dangerous and illegal pharmacies. The pharmacy’s trust rate is well below average due to many factors; one of them is its association with high-risk countries.

image2 27 was located in Germany, but it’s highly likely that its owner is operating from Hungary. Based on the looks of the website, I’d think the company is located in Canada. I guess I understand now why Mens-Health-Pills didn’t disclose its location.

image4 24

Additionally, Scamner is another scam alert site that gave Mens-Health-Pills a zero percent credibility. This store is entirely non-recommended and possibly involved in illegal activities.

I must say there was a store with the same design and a similar name a while ago. I believe the company switched its domain for reasons that are not well understood yet. Nevertheless, I must be very careful when dealing with Coupon Codes offers a wide range of discounts from free shipping to coupon codes. I deeply enjoy when stores provide a variety of benefits that can help me save more money on my buying. Here’s what this pharmacy has to offer:

Free shipping. All meds are kept in their original and sealed packages and are shipped at no extra charges. Every buyer loves not having to pay a single cent for shipping.

image3 29 image5 18

Coupon codes. During my visit, was offering a coupon code. Using the code “5OFF“, clients could get a small discount if purchased something in the next 3 days.

Free samples. The store packs an extra set of free pills in each order.

Loyalty discount. gives all returning customers a 5% off on their next orders.

Conclusion is provisioning various kinds of medicines, even though its name indicates a men’s health specific pharmacy. The store seems to be an affiliated drugstore of Nº1 Online Pharmacy, a quite reputable e-shop. I’m not sure if this is entirely true as there’s no explicit information regarding this on website. There used to be an online drugstore with the exact same design operating under a similar, though different, domain.

After a much careful look of Meds-Health-Pills testimonials page, I realized the company has been using unmodified reviews posted on other pharmacy’s website. This technique only demonstrates how heinous the store can be, therefore I won’t purchase any meds from here, despite Meds-Health-Pills free shipping policy.

Moreover, the pharmacy was rated poorly by both Scam Adviser and Legit Script, which considered a rogue internet pharmacy. I don’t think this pharmacy has enough credibility to be a dependable vendor, thus I’m giving it a 2 out of 5 stars rating.