Kamagranextdaydelivery.co Review – Formerly Excellent Shop Turned Scam Site

Kamagranextdaydelivery.co has its site named after one of the most prolific (in terms of international sales) generic products for impotence, Kamagra, which contains the same Sildenafil Citrate active ingredient as Viagra from Pfizer. Kamagra is one of the products of the US FDA-accredited pharmaceutical company, Ajanta Pharma, which is from India. According to Kamagranextdaydelivery.co, it is an online prescription service which supplies medications to consumers located in the United Kingdom, and to date has been doing so for 6+ years.

The shop is rather modest and concise with its details. In fact, Kamagra Next Day Delivery’s details are too concise that it does not have extra information for other aspects of its operations. The name Kamagranextdaydelivery.co suits the store well as it only offers products with the “Kamagra” brand, plus Sildamax and generic Cialis. Various subtypes of Kamagra are available, such as Kamagra Gold, plain Kamagra tablets, Kamagra Oral Jelly, and Kamagra Chewable Tablets. All of these products are from generic, India-based pharmaceutical manufacturers, and are all approved by the Indian FDA.

Prices for the products listed on Kamagra Next Day Delivery are in UK pounds, primarily because the store caters to consumers in the United Kingdom. The minimum amount you can purchase Kamagra is $5.17 for 4 tablets, you can purchase Kamagra Jelly for a minimum of $16.30 for 7 sachets, and you can get Sildamax for $12.94 for 10 tablets. These meds on Kamagra Next Day Delivery may be purchased even without prescriptions, so patients can order without seeing their doctors first. However, even if this is the case, patients should still consider consulting their doctors regarding their drug intake to establish safety and rule out adverse drug interactions.

Shipping is charged $4.85 for 1st Class Recorded (takes 2 to 3 working days), $5.82 for larger parcels (2-3 working days), $12.94 for Next Working Day deliveries (cut-off time is 3 pm every day, limited to UK deliveries only), and $11.63 for international orders (takes 3 to 7 working days). However, the store does not ship its products to the United States, Canada, and Australia, for some unknown reason. Kamagra Next Day Delivery sends the tracking numbers in 2 hours after the orders are processed.

You don’t need to register an account to order from Kamagra Next Day Delivery, as the shop allows guest orders. Kamagra Next Day Delivery also allows the buyers to pay using Sage Pay, VISA< MasterCard, and PayPal. Kamagranextdaydelivery.co is secured by Comodo and Rapid SSL to ensure the payment data are encrypted during checkout.

If in case you haven’t received your orders from Kamagranextdaydelivery.co, you may need to reach the store, as the shop does not have fixed policies for returns, refunds, and reshipments stated on the website.

Kamagranextdaydelivery.co Reviews

Kamagra Next Day Delivery has several buyer reviews available on one independent review website, Trust Pilot. Overall the shop had a poor rating (only 4.0 in a 10-point scale) and only had 9 reviews available, but most of the buyer comments for the shop were actually complaints about its mediocre service.

image4 23

2016 reviews posted by several consumers reflect their disgust with the shop’s service. Craig Handley rated Kamagranextdaydelivery.co only 1/5 stars and commented that Kamagra Next Day Delivery took his money and did not ship his goods. Also, the tracking number issued to him was a phony number.

A Gathercole also gave Kamagranextdaydelivery.co 1/5 stars and cited that he paid by VISA but 10 days later, he hasn’t received the product yet.

image2 26

Earlier buyer comments, though, gave great remarks for Kamagranextdaydelivery.co, like the comment from Shayne, who posted February 2016. The user rated the shop 5/5 stars and said that he was able to get his order the next day. He also mentioned the products being discreetly shipped and of “perfect” quality.

Kamagranextdaydelivery.co Reviews 2017

More present reviews for Kamagra Next Day Delivery are available on the same website, Trust Pilot. It was disappointing, though, that the comments for the shop were mostly negative (for the recent period) and were mostly buyer grievances about the shop’s poor service.

image5 17

SK, from London (posted February and March 2017), said that the shop did not send him his order. He said that he had successful orders from this shop during the past, but the shop has now turned into a scam website.

image1 26

Richard French-Lowe, from London, also gave failing marks to Kamagranextdaydelivery.co. According to him, he hasn’t received his paid order from the store and received “vague” emails instead. Richard was positive that the shop is a scam.

image3 28

A year earlier (February 2016) than the negative comments, though, the comments for Kamagranextdaydelivery.co were great. Andy, a consumer, rated the shop 5/5 stars and stated that Kamagra Next Day Delivery is “the real deal” due to its low prices and its reliable shipping.

It is not known why the shop suddenly turned rogue, but since this is the case, I dare not recommend this store for any consumer’s use.

Kamagranextdaydelivery.co Coupon Codes

No coupon codes are available at Kamagra Next Day Delivery at this time, even free shipping and freebie pills.


Kamagra Next Day Delivery is a formerly good store with excellent service, but it has now become a scam site. The shop’s bad reviews reflect the buyers’ frustration with the store’s service and explicitly stated that Kamagranextdaydelivery.co  is now a scam store. Despite the good prices for Kamagra products, I think this scam store deserves only 1 out of 5.