Kamagracheap.com Review – Scam Site—I Wouldn’t be Purchasing my Meds Here

Kamagracheap.com is another online pharmacy shop which is named after a generic impotence product brand. Now the world knows about Viagra, the first and the most popular treatment for male erectile dysfunction, but little is known about generic counterparts for the drug. Kamagra, the product showcased on Kamagra Cheap’s store and domain name, is actually a generic analog of Viagra, manufactured by one of India’s prolific pharmaceutical companies, Ajanta Pharma.

Kamagracheap.com does not offer enough information for its service and did not even state where it operates from. However, the shop mentions having “fast European delivery” which indicates that the store may be offering shipping services to Europe and the United Kingdom alone. Because of the shop’s lack of information, I was also unable to determine when its service started.

The shop, Kamagra Cheap, claims that it has a “huge product range” despite it only selling generic impotence products. Also, the store claims to have fast shipping for its orders, discreet packaging, low prices, and genuine medications stocked for its clients. As for the products accessible at the store, you can find generic impotence medications in the form of Kamagra (tablets, jelly, soft tablets, and others), generic Cialis (tablets and jelly), generic Cialis, generic Cialis with Priligy, and generic Levitra. Besides Kamagra, though, Kamagracheap.com also offers Sildenafil Citrate products from other Indian manufacturers such as Cenforce and no-brand Sildenafil products. Concerning prices, Kamagracheap.com sells its Kamagra (Sildenafil) 100 mg for at least $8.09 for 4 pills, its Kamagra Jelly for at least $16.82 for 7 sachets, and its no-brand Cialis 20 mg tablets for at least $16.92 for 10 tablets. Kamagra Cheap also offers these products without prescriptions, taking away the need for buyers to visit their doctors for prescriptions. The shop, though, does not offer any online consultation for its products.

It appears that the store charges nothing for shipping for buyers interested in the purchase of medications from the store. The shop, though, only caters to select countries in Europe and the United Kingdom—besides the EU countries and the UK, there are no other countries serviced by the shop. I tried placing an order on Kamagra Cheap, and the shipping amount showed nothing during my checkout. However, in order to complete my order, I had to do register on the store, as the shop does not allow guest checkouts for its buyers.

Payments accepted by the shop are only from VISA, MasterCard, and VISA Electron. As for problems with orders, Kamagracheap.com merely suggested that buyers consult with the support team and did not offer policies for order reshipments or refunds in the case of order damages and other concerns.

Kamagracheap.com Reviews

Kamagra Cheap has several reviews on Trust Pilot and Toponlinepharmacies.com, but the store’s comments are only dated 2015 the latest.

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Good consumer reviews were given to Kamagracheap.com by its buyers; Chris Lion (posted March 2012) from the UK, gave KamagraCheap 5/5 stars for its “lightning speed delivery” and “low prices”.

N Marku also gave Kamagra Cheap 5/5 for its service and announced that Kamagracheap.com is the perfect place to shop “Kamagra” products from in the UK.

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Although buyers posted excellent scores for Kamagracheap.com on Trust Pilot, several buyer complaints were given to Kamagra Cheap on Top Online Pharmacies. Clive Jones (posted September 2015) gave only 1/5 to Kamagracheap.com because he never received his order from the shop. Kamagra Cheap staff only gave a “bank holiday” excuse for his order.

Terry Nield, who also posted on the same platform, gave a poor score (1/5) to Kamagracheap.com because at the time of his review, his order hasn’t arrived (he waited for 3 weeks).

Kamagracheap.com Reviews 2017

2016 and further reviews are not available for Kamagracheap.com, so I just utilized several online platforms to check on the domain of the web store for issues, if there were any.

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According to the report from Legit Script, the shop Kamagra Cheap is a “rogue internet pharmacy website” which failed to measure up to the standards of proper website functioning. Instead, it qualified for the “rogue” pharmacy status.

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The website, Scamner.com, also gave a poor score to Kamagra Cheap. According to this result, the shop only has an 8% rating (out of 100) and because it has an absent SSL certificate, using this store (even just browsing) may be unsafe. Buyers were warned by Scamner against the use of this store.

Kamagracheap.com Coupon Codes

No coupon codes are given by Kamagracheap.com to its consumers, but the shop appears to offer free shipping for its products. However, I can’t confirm if the $0 shipping is real or if it was just a glitch on the shop’s system. Deals or none, the shop still had good prices for its products and offered a low minimum purchase for its consumers.


It would have been great to order from Kamagracheap.com if not for its bad reviews from previous clients. The store had low prices for its products and appears to offer free shipping, but the deal-breaker is the complaints about the shop stealing money from buyers and not shipping paid orders.

I wouldn’t want consumers flocking the store and ending up scammed, so I am giving Kamagra Cheap only 1 out of 5 and I recommend choosing other web pharmacies for your impotence needs. I won’t be buying my med supply here, and neither should you.