Review – I Can’t Guarantee an Excellent Service from this Store with Outdated Reviews showcases mostly Indian generic products from famed pharmaceutical manufacturers native to the county. It is notable that the store only houses products with the purpose of treating patients suffering from erectile dysfunction. Although there is nothing concerning the store’s actual location, overtly states that its products come from India. I discovered, though, that the store’s office is actually located in the United Kingdom, and India Generic operates under the license of “Your Trusted Online Pharmacy”, which indicates that is another online affiliate website.

There is no list of medical conditions on the store, but India Generic listed all of its available products on its main page, and in alphabetical order. You can only find generic erectile dysfunction products on, and all of them are from Indian pharmaceutical companies. I saw familiar names such as Avana, Caverta, Silagra, Tadacip, Suhagra, and other famed Indian impotence product brands, but there are also peculiar products and product brands such as Vpxl, Suhagra Duralong, Addyi, and others. Besides these products, I also noticed that some of the medications available on the store are without manufacturer information; for me, its generic products are considerable enough, provided that you have ample details concerning where the drugs are from. No-brand generic items, however, are scary—it’s because we can’t know where these meds are manufactured and we can’t be sure if they even contain the right amount of active ingredient or if they even contain the right active contents.

Unlike other online pharmacies, the shop recommends that the buyers provide valid prescriptions for all their drug orders. requests its buyers to forward their prescriptions to a certain facsimile number and the support team’s email address. India Generic states that it will not process the buyers’ orders if they fail to submit the needed Rx in three days’ time.

I checked the India Generic prices for familiar erectile dysfunction meds brands to see if the shop sells them at reasonable prices or if the shop has expensive prices for them. All the products on are sold for a minimum of 12 pills, which is actually fair, as some online stores charge the buyers for at least 30 pills. Kamagra 100 mg (Ajanta Pharma) is sold for $35.95 for the minimum 12, Suhagra 100 mg (Cipla) is sold for $35.95 for 12 pills as well, and Tadacip 20 mg (Cipla) is sold at $41.95 for 12 tablets. Kamagra Oral Jelly 100 mg is also available, but it is sold per 10 sachets (minimum) at $39.99.

Regular shipping costs $10 at, but the store charges $35 for the courier shipping. The courier shipping rates are also dependent on the number of products ordered; for instance, the shop charges $75 for 2 items, $105 for 3 items, and $35 for 1 item. As for payment, you pay for the items using credit cards.

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In the event of defective products or lost orders, the shop will re-dispatch the products or provide a refund whenever applicable. You can reach the store using its live chat support, or by utilizing the details available on its contact page. Reviews

In order to get a better view of, I tried looking for available reviews for India Generic. I stumbled upon consumer reports from Pharmacies Review, although I was confused by the comments since the buyers had mixed reactions towards the store.

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Simon, who posted his comment on June 2012, rated 4 out of 5 stars, as he was able to order twice from the shop successfully. According to him, he had trepidations concerning his credit card details’ safety in the hands of the store, but so far, nothing fishy ever happened to his account.

On the other hand, the buyer Joe Braz, who posted October 2012, gave only a star for the shop out of the possible 5. The consumer rated the store meagerly because he received his order in 35 days. The buyer also mentioned something about his refund processing and promised to update for his order’s development. He hasn’t updated since. Reviews 2017

The reviews for were only from 2012, so these testimonials could no longer reflect the actual service status of To get more updated information for, I used several assessment platforms such as Scam Adviser and Legit Script:

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Scam Adviser’s report for was poor; this platform only gave a low trust rating to India Generic, despite detecting a good 10-year age for the store. The shop was identified to have a “rogue” status, malware reports, links to high-risk websites, and was also discovered to operate from a high-risk country.

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Indiageneric’s rating from Legit Script is just as bad—the store was given a “rogue” status, identical to the one detected by Scam Adviser. Given these ratings from Legit Script and Scam Adviser, I am not so sure about the shop’s safety status for buyers interested in getting their stocks from the store. Coupon Codes

No coupon codes exist for, but the store offers free shipping to consumers with orders more than 170 pills. Free pills are also granted to clients with at least 20 pill purchases, but the store awards more freebies to consumers with larger orders.

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Discounts are also available, but for repeat orders. You can get a 5% discount on your 2nd time and 7% off on your 3rd time at the shop. India Generic also requests that you watch out for seasonal discounts advertised on the store to maximize your savings.


India Generic explicitly states that it sources products from India and ships out the meds from the same country. I really have no problem with generic products—in fact, I think generic meds are great replacements for exorbitantly priced brand meds and they can help buyers save a lot in cash.

My concern with is its lack of present reviews. Although it garnered good comments during the past, the outdated reviews could not guarantee a present excellent service for the shop. Even if the products here are cheap, I still think consumers should look for more reliable online stores to shop their meds from. My rating for 2 out of 5.