Dukemeds.com Review – Fraudulent Website Charging Credit Cards Unauthorized 

Dukemeds.com was an online pharmacy which offered prescription medicines for men’s sexual problems, particularly erectile dysfunction. It offered a wide array of generic and branded medicines reasonably priced like generic Viagra, Zenegra, Edegra, Forzest, Caverta, Kamagra, and many more. The drugs were manufactured in India and duly approved and licensed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) from their country of origin. Moreover, they were licensed by the World Health Organization (WHO) and other regulatory bodies. The prices are incredibly low. In fact, one tablet of the generic Sildenafil, a drug used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men, only costs $0.68 USD. Most online pharmacies sell this product ranging from $ 1 to $ 2 USD. Dukemeds.com required a valid prescription before processing orders. Only hand written prescriptions from a licensed physician shall be accepted. It must be sent within 15 days after placing an order.

The payment methods accepted by the pharmacy were not fully stated from the website. There are two shipping methods utilized by the pharmacy during its operations. This includes Express Shipping Method and through Registered Post. Express Shipping Method cost more, which charged $20 USD per shipping. The delivery time was 8-10 business days after dispatching. On the other hand, shipping through Registered post was 10-20 business days after dispatching and cost $18 USD. The health store shipped worldwide but it was not stated if there were countries restricted from the list.

The customer support team was available through their toll-free hotline at 1-888-216-3880 or you may leave a comment or message from their website. Operating hours were not mentioned. Likewise, the mailing address was not mention should there be a need to visit their headquarters.

Dukemeds.com Reviews

A customer feedback was retrieved from trustpilot.com and it was a negative review.

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Abe S gave Dukemeds.com a 1 out of 5 stars review. He said that the health store was a “scam”. The store tried to steal information from his credit card and tried to use it in Europe. The fraud was not completed because the Bank of America has fraud protection.

It was good that the fraudulent act was able to be intervened by the bank of the client. If not, he would have lost a lot of money without knowing. We must be careful dealing with potential scam websites like this as it may cause harm especially dealing with money.

Dukemeds.com Reviews 2017

Recent reviews from this year were gathered from trustpilot.com and scamavdiser.com. Both showed unsatisfactory results for Dukemeds.com.

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According to a customer using the code Newkidds, the health store charged his credit card a huge phone bill. The bank was able to detect it and prevented the transaction. He advised to stay away from this health store and they are “crooks”.

I agree that if this incident really happened, the website used by Duke Meds is unsafe to use and has a big potential to be a scam. We would like to avoid fraudulent website who are like thieves, stealing money from the personal information we have provided them after we have placed an order.

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Scamadviser.com classified Dukemeds.com as a suspicious website. The country of origin is not determined. The website location is from the United States but may also be from China.

Please note that websites like this could not be 100% trusted. The real identity was not fully stated. I think that one of the good characteristics of a reliable company is the credible facts that a consumer may locate from its website.

Dukemeds.com Coupon Codes

Apart from the incredibly low prices offered by the health store, Dukemeds.com also offers lots of discounts for its first-time clients and returning customers.

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This is a good deal especially if the health store wants to retain regular customers.


Dukemeds.com was an online pharmacy which offered a wide array of generic medicines, generally for men’s health. They specialized in selling drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men. The manufacturers and suppliers were Indian FDA approved and licensed from their country of origin.

I am giving DukeMeds a 1 out of 5 stars rating. The prices of their drugs were competitive and definitely lower compared to the other online stores. There were reasonable discounts given for the first time customers and even returning customers. However, there were customer reviews that the website was unsafe especially for personal information. There were suspicious credit card charges credited to consumers. Moreover, there were also reports that the website was suspicious and unsafe to use.

Please note that you must not fully trust an online health store with bad reputation especially for credit card charges. You may lose your hard earned money. Do not fall into the trap of buying very cheap medicines from unsafe websites just for the sake of getting big discounts. Truth is, you will lose more if you would take the risk.