Drug-store-24h.com Review – A SCAM Is a Bitter Pill to Swallow

Drug-Store-24h.com has operated since 2004, based on the copyright symbol at the bottom of their website. The store goes by two names; No1 Canadian Family and Online Worldwide Drug Store. I am uncertain which name they trade under. They offer discounted rates and low prices (70% less than local pharmacies) and have promised time-saving. Their location is debatable as the information is not presented on the “About Us” section of the web page. However, we can assume that they are probably based in Canada because of the name, No1 Canadian Family placed on their website but I don’t know for sure. Their main assortment is erectile dysfunction drugs but they do offer other products like antibiotics. Per pill, Viagra costs $0.36, Cialis $0.76, Levitra $11.20, Dapoxetine $1.06, Tadapox $1.22, Sildalis $1.15 and Malegia $1.30.

Drug-Store-24h.com boasts that all their generics are FDA-approved and that they work with licensed pharmacists. Payments made by American Express, Visa and eCheck are accepted through an encrypted payment portal. They are secured by Geo-Trust and are a WebSafe Shield Hacker Free Site. They deliver via two methods; Airmail for its US customers via United States Postal Service which can take up to three weeks and costs $10 or Express Mail Service which takes roughly eight business days and costs $20. Shipping is free for orders over $200 and shipments can be made outside of the US to a variety of territories.

There is no real life customer chat window. However, there is a form that asks you to fill in some contact information. There are two numbers available one for US callers and another for European callers. There is no information available on refunds but an entire paragraph telling you that they do not accept returns because accepting returns deviate from international rules.

Drug-store-24h.com Reviews

On drug-store-24h.com, there are five categories of reviews; Delivery and Service, Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and Hairloss. On the website, they are all positive. Above, St Patricks of France is satisfied with the service he has received and forwarded the website’s address. Samuel from Spain praises their customer service and Jackson of Italy, apologizes because he thought it was a scam when he didn’t receive his order but then received it.

These reviews are funny and I am happy for the reviews if they exist because Jackson is from Italy and hoping for good karma? To my knowledge, Karma is more a Hindu belief and last time I checked, Italy was home to the Catholic Papacy and he’s asking for a supply of women too?

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No reviews could be found on Independent sites which are strange considering that we live in an information age and people are always excited to review products and their experiences with a business. If this is the case then the reviews are all biased no matter how many there are. This seems very fraudulent and suspicious in my opinion. Therefore, it is necessary to review this business’ website with scam adviser and LegitScript to check the website’s authenticity.

Drug-store-24h.com Reviews 2017

Drug Store 24h has been flagged “Rogue” and deemed a “threat”. As per scam adviser’s report, we are uncertain of the location.

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Drug-store-24h.com is hosted in the UK but most of its traffic comes from the US and it is not SSL certified which means that it is not secured! It also does not meet the requirements to be verified as an internet pharmacy and meets the definition of “rogue” meaning that it’s dishonest and potentially belongs to a scammer.

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Drug-store-24h.com Coupon Codes

They actually have a lot of good deals on their website to attract persons who count every dollar spent. Imagine getting Viagra pills with every order (I’d possibly order several times just to get free Viagra). There’s a 10% of every order $200 or more (not shown), specials on ED combinations and free shipping on orders $200 and above.

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We all love a good discount and sale, especially in unpredictable economic times. These deals are good especially after scouting several online pharmacies for good prices and deals. This is a good catch for persons with similar shopping habits like me. The promise of discounts can get almost anyone to enter their credit card information without a second thought.


Of all the skeptics I am the biggest especially when it comes to spending my hard earned cash. It is sometimes necessary to call things for what they are and I have no reservations saying that this company is a scam. I mean if you were genuine why is information so hard to come by on the company’s website. Why is there no listed mailing address?

I get that pharmacies don’t accept returns but under no condition do they have grounds for a refund. I don’t know about you but I like to shop with confidence and this is not making me confident but actually making me nervous. Why do they not accept Mastercard? Mastercard is one of the most global payment companies that everyone recognizes.

A zero rating is what is deserved but I understand that is impossible so a one-star rating with suffices. I will not buy from this website and I advise you to exercise prudence and do the same. We have the fax, we have done the research. Therefore if you are uncertain, scroll through this article again and for all the reasons why you should not participate in this online scam that is designed to con men who genuinely want and enhanced sex life.