Cheap RX Review: An Online Pharmacy Network that is Worth Buying from

Cheap RX is a well reputed online network that consists of several websites that have an identical homepage, dispenses similar drugs and charges the same amount for the drugs sold. The network has been in operation since 1997 and since then, more than a million prescriptions have been filled.

It would be hard for customers to know the network he is dealing with because of the resounding similarity which has made some of them doubt the legitimacy of the sites. This should not be the case as all these websites have been verified by bodies such as CIPA, Pharmacy Checker, and MIPA. Cheap RX works through several websites in an effort to reach more customers so that everyone who is in search of cheap and effective medications can access them.

All the medications that are stocked at Cheap RX network have been tested by FDA to ensure that they are safe for human consumption. They contain the same chemical composition as the drugs that are sold at local pharmacies and will, therefore, offer the same relief.

You can make your purchases at the network at any time of the day or night which is quite convenient. You will have all the time to finish up every other business of the day and when you settle down at home, you can place your order. The purchasing process has been secured to ensure that no private information will be leaked out to outsiders once it has been submitted.

Cheap RX has a functional customer service team that is always ready to attend to their customers if a need arises. They will offer advice to the best of their ability and when you are too tied up to place an order, they will help you out. A prescription will not be required which makes the purchasing process very simple as one does not have to waste a lot of time looking for a doctor to write down the prescription.

Cheap RX Reviews

The feedbacks submitted by the previous customers who have had a chance to purchase from the network are positive which clearly tells how reliable the network is. Sofia who resides in France was too impressed with the services received that she decided that she had to write her first reviews regarding an online pharmacy. She says that Online RX is the best online network she has ever bought her medications from. She also says that the site is very easy to navigate and they stock a wide variety of medications for customers to choose from. She is also glad that she can now afford to pay for the prescription drugs that she uses in the treatment of high blood pressure.

Leeroy has already placed three orders from Cheap RX and he is happy that the wait for the shipping was not too long. He also says that the drugs were not damaged while in transit and were just as he had ordered. Charles from Deutschland says that he is able to save more on the cost of his medications whenever he buys them from Cheap RX. He is also excited about the free gift that the network sends him every time he places an order.

Cheap RX Client Reviews

For Jessica, the prices for the drugs she wanted to buy were good. David residing in Germany reports that after receiving his order on time, he was glad that the erectile dysfunction medications were very effective. Besides sending his appreciation, he also says that his wife too sends his appreciation.

Cheap RX Online

Unlike other online pharmacies where you have to go through too much trouble before you can make your purchases, Cheap RX does not require too much from their customers. Customers will simply get to any of the websites that are linked to Cheap RX network like:


You will then proceed to search if the drugs you wish to buy are in stock and if they are, you will proceed with the simple purchasing process without being asked for a prescription.

Cheap RX Sample Site

At Cheap RX, the prices of the different medications are very low to ensure that every customer will be able to afford them. Most of these drugs are generics and will at times cost 80% less than what the brand medications will cost in a local pharmacy. A customer who buys all his prescription drugs will be able to pay less than the person who will just buy a few pills.

The drugs sold at Cheap RX are categorized in such a way that no customer will be unable to buy the right drugs for his complication. A detailed description of the drugs is also available to ensure that customers are aware of how to safely use the medications so that maximum benefits can be achieved.

Cheap RX Coupon Codes

Cheap RX network encourages its customers to make their purchases at once so that they will save more on their prescription drugs. By checking the price of Metformin 500mg, a pack of ninety pills costs an average of $0.37 per pill. A customer who will choose to purchase the 360 pills pack will pay $0.26 per pill and will have saved $38.95 on the cost of his medications.

Cheap RX Savings

There is a 10% discount that is applied to every order which also brings down the cost of the medications. Free pills are also added to the customers’ orders as a bonus every time they order at the network.

Cheap RX Discount

Cheap RX Phone Numbers

Below are the contact numbers that will be used to talk to a customer service representative at Cheap RX network:

  • +1-718-487-9792
  • +4420-3239-7092

Cheap RX Spam and Phone Calls

There is no recorded complaint from any customer indicating that they have been sent spam messages or received unwanted calls from Cheap RX network.


Despite the huge challenge that online purchase poses, buying drugs at Cheap RX has made it possible for customers to confidently buy their medications with an assurance that everything will turn out right. Due to this, we will give Cheap RX network a 5* rating.