Review – WHO Approved Pharmacy with Bad Online Reputation is an online drugstore that sells generic medicines from India. The drugstore has been approved by the World Health Organization (WHO).  Likewise, all drugs are reviewed and licensed by the Indian Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Among the best-selling drugs from the pharmacy are Viagra, Levitra, Kamagra, Cialis, and Clomid. A complete catalog of the different drug categories that the drugstore offers may be viewed on the website. The drugstore does not require the client to present a valid prescription upon ordering. However, it is strongly advised to seek the advice of a certified physician before starting a new drug therapy. This is a special guideline that needs to be strictly followed in order to avoid drug-drug interactions and contraindications in the future.

The drugstore accepts payments via major credit cards including VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard, JCB, and Diners Club. Shipping is worldwide and uses two options, via Airmail and Express Mail Service (EMS). Airmail Shipping takes 10-21 days but may also reach 21-28 days if the customer does not have a tracking ID. Express mail Express Mail Service (EMS) normally arrives faster and takes a maximum of 10 days to deliver. Shipping fee depends on the quantity of order and the country of destination.

If the package did not arrive within the specified delivery time, the drugstore guarantees a replacement of the order with no additional charges. If you have any questions or concerns, you may call their toll-free hotline at +1 (877) 296 80 37 or you may leave an e-mail from through their website. Reviews

Customer reviews were taken from the seller’s website and all comments were in favor of the drugstore.

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Max from New York admitted that at first, he was hesitant to buy medicines from Canadian Overnight Pharmacy. However, after ordering the generic Viagra from the store, he was surprised that “everything was true”.

Harry from Virgina said that Viagra was a “miracle pill”. He was diagnosed with erectile dysfunction and thought that he would live with this situation for the rest of his life. He recommends Viagra to all with the same situation as his.

All these reviews were taken from the seller’s website and we cannot guarantee that everything that’s been said here is true. These may be comments made up to deceive customers to give a good shot about the drugstore. We trust those reviews coming from independent websites, instead. Reviews 2017

Since there are no previous client reviews available, and were used to gather recent information about the pharmacy.

image2 21 gave a low trust rating for Canadian Overnight Pharmacy. The location of the website is a bit confusing. It was found to be in Netherlands but is also most likely from the Russian Federation. It is important for consumers to know specific details of the business they are dealing with. Hiding the real identity and location of the website makes this server an unsafe site for browsing and buying on the internet.

image4 18 also classified Canadian Overnight Pharmacy as a Rogue Pharmacy which means that the store violated some rules and regulations in pharmacy pertaining to the accurate and appropriate prescribing, dispensing, and selling of drugs. They did not meet the criteria set by LegitScript to be classified as a safe and reliable internet pharmacy.

Looking through the details of the information gathered about Canadian Overnight Pharmacy, the store has a bad reputation regarding its safety and reliability. Be wary when dealing with a business like this to avoid inconveniences in the future. Moreover, the personal data that we are sharing with the drugstore might be compromised. Hence, it is unsafe to put in those credit card details for your payments. Coupon Codes

We’ve checked that Canadian Overnight Pharmacy offers reasonable and very cheap costs of generic medicines. Surprisingly, it doesn’t end there. They have an ongoing special discount for their loyal customers.

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If you buy products in larger quantities, you will save more. For example, if you buy the generic Viagra at 180 pills per package, the total amount shall be $230.67 USD. It also converts to $1.2 USD per pill. Moreover, a 5% discount shall be applied. The drugstore is also offering either free express shipping or free registered shipping to most orders.

Special promos and gifts like this attract a lot of customers. Not only that. It also keeps customers coming back to your store because they know that if they spend more or buy in bulk, they will proportionally have better savings.

Conclusion is an online seller of generic medicines sourced from Indian manufacturers. All products are licensed by the Indian Food and Drug Administration. The drugstore is also accredited by the World Health Organization (WHO). The prices offered by CanadianOvernightPharmacy are also very cheap and affordable. Moreover, they offer a wide selection of drugs from different categories.

I am giving Canadian Overnight Pharmacy 1 out of 5 stars rating because of a bad online reputation. The customer reviews mentioned are possibly fake because they were all taken from the seller’s website. Similarly, the drugstore has been classified as a Rogue Pharmacy and the safety of the server is low.

The pharmacy is very competitive in so many ways. They have acquired regulatory licenses and approval, plus they offer very competitive prices. However, if they really want to be in the competition and last for long, they must revamp the quality of services they provide. They must build a strong online reputation which would make all their customers comfortable doing business with them.