Buckadaypharmacy.com Review – Not a Recommended Pharmacy for Shopping

BuckADayPharmacy.com claims to be the best source of buying generic versions of the most popular branded drugs available worldwide. The company is especially for those customers who fail to afford expensive medications and hence, are looking for cheaper alternatives. Such people will find Buck A Day Pharmacy as a quite helpful platform as the generic medicines available here are of the finest quality with great ingredients in their composition. The company regards health as an important factor and says that such an important must not be compromised just because of high prices. The ordering methods at BuckADayPharmacy are transparent and not associated with any risks. The medicines available at this store are of the same price as those found in India or Europe. I checked the prices of and found the price of 25 mg Viagra as 19.04 US Dollars per pill which is unaffordable.

All transactions are made in US Dollars and customers can pay via Visa, Checks and Master Card. Nothing has been mentioned about the companies used to ship the parcels, but shipping charges within the United States are 10.99 US Dollars while for other areas, they are 49 US Dollars. Shipping time is usually 2 to 3 weeks but can extend to 4 weeks in some cases. The company can be reached by calling at 1-877-271-4557 or filling an online form.

Buckadaypharmacy.com Reviews

BuckADayPharmacy.com has received a lot of responses from the customers on its official website. so, I decided to check these reviews in order to have a better perspective about this store.

According to V. Carpenter who is a verified customer, this store has been regarded as “efficient”. It also has a “quick delivery”. It also said that this website is “pleasant to work with”.

C. Curry said that this store is “easy to order”. Moreover, Buck A Day Pharmacy has “great prices” to offer.

G. Hjertaas said that he has been able to save “a great deal of money” all thanks to this pharmacy. Moreover, it also has an “efficient staff”.

J. Oller made a very short comment saying, “Very good”.

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K. Himes said that Buck A Day Pharmacy is “easy” and have “lowest prices”. Moreover, it has “good communication”.

M. Roberts said that Buck A Day Pharmacy is “friendly and competent”.

These reviews that I analyzed were quite positive and portrayed that BuckADayPharmacy is quite good. However, these reviews are only present on the official website of the pharmacy. Therefore, it might be possible that these reviews are fake and are copied by the owner from another website. Therefore, this might not be a safe platform for buying ED drugs.

Buckadaypharmacy.com Reviews 2017

Buck A Day Pharmacy has also received some reviews in the year 2016. Even though I don’t believe in the authenticity of the reviews that are only restricted to the official website of a pharmacy, I had no choice but to review them.

A customer named A. Gustafson said that it is “easy to order over phone” at BuckADayPharmacy.

J. Gilbert said that he was quite thankful to the store as it has been using this store for so long and says that this store does “a great job”.

C. Holderman said that Buck A Day Pharmacy has a “friendly personnel” and also said that it sells insulin at the cheapest possible prices.

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H. Jasper said that Buck A Day Pharmacy is “very friendly” and has “professional staff”.

R. Laporte called the staff of BuckADayPharmacy as “wonderful” and “very knowledgeable”. The comment also said that it was a “reliable” pharmacy.

R. Madson said that he tried ordering from Buck A Day Pharmacy and found the representative to be “very kind and helpful”. He was so happy with the performance of this store that he said that he “couldn’t ask for anything more”.

These reviews are limited to seller’s website as mentioned earlier, therefore; I am not ready to believe that they are 100 percent authentic. I must say that BuckADayPharmacy.com should do something to provide authentic reviews to its customers in order to be successful.

Buckadaypharmacy.com Coupon Codes

BuckADayPharmacy.com already did not have any reviews that were authentic, so I quite searching more on this aspect and instead focused on finding discount deals. To my dismay, there were no such deals offered by this store. I have to say that I am quite disappointed in this store as it is doing nothing to attract customers and portraying itself as an irresponsible vendor who is only interested in making money.


It must be quite clear by now that BuckADayPharmacy.com has not received an approval from my side. The official website is practically overflowing with customer reviews while none of them can be found on any third-party website. There are absolutely no discount deals that it offers to its clients as well. In short, the website has nothing attractive about it. Therefore, I will give it 1 out of 5 and would ask the customers not to buy ED medications from Buck A Day Pharmacy.