Review – Not Suitable for Buying Drugs was another online platform for customers to buy medications without actually having to visit a store. As I searched more about this store, it dawned upon me that this website is quite suspicious. I was not able to confirm anything regarding its current location or place of origin even after searching the entire official website thoroughly. Only once had the drug store self-proclaimed that it is operative in both the United Kingdom and the United States. Moreover, Big Ed Sale also said that the drugs sold via this platform are approved by the FDA; however, I was unable to find any evidence that was supporting this blunt statement. The company sells Viagra at the rate of 3.30 US Dollars per pill which is too expensive to afford.

The company accepts payment different currencies i.e. Pounds, US Dollars and Euros. Payment can be made by the customer using a credit or a debit card. Different credit card companies that can be used for this purpose include JCB, Visa, American Express, Diners Club and Master Card. Unfortunately, BigEdSale does not accept payments via Bank Wire Transfer or E-check. Also, Big-Ed-Sale also assures that it has a strong privacy policy which assures the customers that their credit card information would not be revealed or leaked to any irrelevant person. The methods of delivery that can be chosen by customers include express service and registered mail. Express mail service charges almost 30 US Dollars and takes 5 to 7 days to deliver the shipment. This service comes with a tracking option that can be used as and when required. The other service i.e. the registered mail takes 21 to 28 days and charges 10 US Dollars for its service. Big Ed Sale delivers worldwide and also provides an insurance policy for free with every order. I was unable to find any option of live chat on the website. The customers are provided with a number i.e. +1(844)226-6342 and an email address in order to contact the company. No information could be retrieved about the refund policy offered here. Reviews

While searching for customer reviews regarding Big-Ed-Sale, I didn’t success in finding even a single one. This was not a surprising situation for me as I had seen it coming, considering the poor review of its official website. This implies that the company is not at all interested in making sure that a direct communication is established between BigEdSale and its customers. The company also does not seem to urge the customers into leaving a review after their transaction has been successfully carried out. Ignoring this aspect can lead to the deprivation of information that the potential customers of this website would like to know about. Hence, they are more likely to turn away from such websites and choose those which can actually answer their queries. It is obvious that Big ED Sale is not a reliable website for anyone who wishes to purchase medicines online. It is always advised to find a credible website than to risk the money as well as the health by ordering from Reviews 2017

Just as I suspected, Big Ed Sale also did not have reviews given in the year 2017. Therefore, I decided to check Scamadviser which is a platform for analyzing different online pharmacies to know if a particular drug store is credible.

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When I checked the report given by Scamadviser for Big-Ed-Sale, I was surprised to find out that this website based in Canada but its operations are being carried out from the United States of America. Moreover, the website has only been granted a rating of 40 percent which infers that there is a high level of risk associated with this drug store.

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Scamner strongly agrees with Scamadviser as it has given zero percent trust rating of BigEdSale. The website has mentioned that Big Ed Sale is visited by very few customers on a regular basis and it is not a safe website for browsing and buying drugs. Coupon Codes

There are several ways of availing a discount at Big Ed Sale. The company offers 4 extra pills for free if the customer orders at least 30 pills of Viagra from this store. the number of free pills increases to 10 if a customer buys at least 90 pills of Viagra.

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Free shipping is offered on every order consisting of at least 120 pills of Viagra. Free courier service is given on all the orders consisting of more than 270 pills. Also, the price per pill of all ED medications decreases as the amount of these pills increases.

Conclusion can be called as an unsuitable website for any who wishes to good quality medications. It has a non-existent reputation and has also been accused of ignoring or not promoting direct means of communication with its clients. I would not recommend this website as it might turn out to be just another scam that is trying to lure the clients in by offering them discounts. I would give it 1 out of 5 and would say that customers should use other reliable and recommended websites for buying drugs.