Best Gaming Laptops 2016

best gaming laptop

Gaming is a very popular activity. There are some computers that were designed for the specific purpose of gaming. There are three most popular gaming laptops for 2016. Courtesy to for the information.

  1. 1. Acer 17 Inch Gaming Laptopbest gaming laptop

This laptop has everything that a gamer could want. There are the following features:

l Intel Quad Core i7 Processer

l 4GB GTX 960 M graphics

l FHD IPS display

l Windows 10 operating system

This laptop has everything that a person needs to play their game. The graphics will be amazing and the computer will be able to keep up with all the action in the game. This laptop has a 17 inch screen so a person can see all of the action. There is also a full HD screen. There is a media slot card for extra storage as well as a high speed blue ray player. There is Bluetooth as well. There is also a high speed webcam that has a microphone. There is a black light keyboard so a person can see even when the lights are turned off. The battery can also up for 7 hours so a person can enjoy their gaming fun for hours.

2. Asus 15 .6 inch Touchscreen Gaming Laptop

This laptop has new features that many gamers enjoy. Not only can a person use the keyboard tobest gaming laptop control the game play they can touch the screen to control it as well. This laptop runs on the Intel Quad Core Processing system as well as Windows 10. There is a 2GB GTX 950M graphic card to keep up with the gaming action. This computer comes with a headset and microphone so that a person can communicate with other gamers. There is also a media card reader as well as a memory stick. This computer comes with a webcam so a person can join others with the gaming.




3. CUK MSI Titan Gaming Laptop ( Manufactures website ) best gaming laptop

There are many great features for gamers on this laptop. This laptop has:

l A full HD screen

l Windows 10 operating system

l 32 GM of Ram

l Top of the line graphics card

l A non reflections screen

This computer will allow a person to keep up with the game play without worrying about freezing. Due to the HD screen the player will be able to see all of the details in the game.

These are some of the best gaming laptops in 2016. They are top sellers and will allow a player to have a great gaming experience.

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