Review – Modest Site with Limited Products Up for Sale is an escrow service offering to link buyers to ground pharmacies with discount prices for the medications. According to this store, it is able to refer buyers to “reliable US pharmacies” which also offer free consultations from US-certified physicians. Although the shop kept on mentioning the United States, it does not say if it is actually located in the country. All Rx was incepted in 2007, giving it a decade of service online. advertises a “no prior Rx policy”, which allows buyers to order without prescriptions on the online pharmacy. However, despite this policy, the patients are encouraged to conduct their face to face consultations with their doctors, as the online consultations cannot replace personal consultations with actual doctors.

The products offered by All Rx include meds for men’s health (Levitra, Cialis, Viagra), women’s health (Ortho Evra Patch, Ortho Tri-Cyclen), pain relief (Tramadol, Ultram, and others), and muscle relaxants. Compared to the other online pharmacies, this store has significantly fewer products to offer its clients. Other online drugstores have a wider product assortment and technically a longer list of products to offer. However, though this is the case, the shop did have the products I was looking for—the men’s health medications Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. It is peculiar, though, that the shop does not have prices available for these products. You have to click the “order” button to be able to view the prices for the products. However, despite me clicking the button, the shop does not have the prices for these three medications available. The meds with prices are only Fioricet, Gabapentin, Baclofen, Citalopram, and several other medications. offers free medical consultations for its consumers, so the buyers can order on the shop without presenting any Rx order. As for shipping, the store does not disclose any shipping fee, and before I can discover the postage charged by the shop, I had to place a formal order first, which is rather inconvenient. As for the payment options, the shop allows money orders, E-checks, and even cash-on-delivery.

According to All Rx, the buyers can cancel their orders before its affiliated physicians approve the order. However, the clients can’t cancel their orders once they are approved by the doctors. Refunds, on the other hand, are not discussed on All Rx, which makes it tough for buyers to claim their money in the case of damages or delivery issues. If you have other questions, you may reach All-rx’s support team using the shop’s number (1-866-315-7600) or by using the contact form available on the store. Reviews

The modest store, All Rx did not have its reviews posted on famed online review sites such as Trust Pilot, Reseller Ratings, and similar websites. The shop also had no mentions from buyers who were able to use its service during the past.

Having no reviews makes a dubious place to shop from, as web pharmacies, even escrow service providers without any online mentions may not yet be tested by other buyers. Personally, I prefer online shops with a history of feedbacks from buyers, because the comments indicate the shops’ reliability. Reviews 2017

I was hoping for recent reviews for anywhere on the web, but sadly, I found none. To compensate for the lack of information for from the consumers’ perspective, I tried searching online platforms for their records pertaining to the domain

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One of the web platforms I used for checking All-rx’s status is This web platform rated the shop a score of 56/100 and detected the shop’s age as 14 years. The owner country of this store is hidden, but the website’s location is identified in the United States. The contact details of the store include Canada in the address. Scamadviser also determined that is an “unapproved” online pharmacy with malware reports somewhere in its lifetime.

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The rating from Legit Script confirmed the unapproved rating for All Rx. All Rx was found out as an “unapproved internet pharmacy website” because it failed to measure up to Legit Script’s standard for a validly operating site. Although no further details exist for this “unapproved” status for All Rx, this label means that there is something wrong with All Rx’s domain. Coupon Codes

Being a simple site with not much in it, the shop, All Rx, did not also have coupon codes and voucher codes for its clients. There is no discount offer on which could help buyers with the product costs for their medications available on All Rx.

There is no clear reason why this online pharmacy did not have any discount offers for its clients, but its lack of deals for the buyers may be a reason why it is seemingly unpopular with clients.


All Rx is one website with not many product offers for its clients. There are only a few products listed on the store, and even fewer items actually available on this shop. I was unable to check the product costs for erectile dysfunction meds such as Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra, as the shop does not list the prices for these products, which, for me, was odd. No comments (either on-site or from review sites) exist for, so I am giving this shop a grade of 2 out of 5.