Review – A Very Suitable Company to Deal With is functional for a very long time and they claim to be one of the first pharmaceutical companies to launch an online store and website. In short, the company has a very impressive pharmaceutical history. Not only this, the site claims to provide data privacy, convenience and many other services to customers as well.

ADV Pharmacy  is operational since 2000. They are based in Canada and sell a wide variety of drugs. To compare their drug costs to other similar e-stores, I checked out the price of generic Viagra. Surprisingly, the store is a bit expensive and a pack of 8 tablets of 50mg each costs almost 142 USD. However, most of the drugs they sell are FDA approved and provision of a valid prescription is mandatory for consumers in order to get drugs delivered.


With, customers can pay for their orders using eCheck, money order, personal check or credit card. They deliver the packages at different rates depending on the place of delivery. Since the company is Canada based, delivery is cheaper and fast. For local customers, they can get the package delivered within 2-5 business days in just 7 USD. Fast delivery in Canada costs 16 USD but the package is delivered within 1-2 days. For the USA, the delivery costs 17.50 USD and order is delivered within 5-10 days. For international orders, however, the regular delivery takes 2-3 weeks and a shipping cost of 32 USD. Moreover, in case of package loss, the drugs would be reshipped to customers

To get some additional information, I decided to contact the customer service of and got the reply to my query within 24 hours. Reviews

I was already impressed by the services of and the reviews were an icing on the cake. Although the reviews I came across were positive, they have been posted on an independent site which means customers can rely on these reviews and there is no chance that these are hoax reviews posted by the seller himself.

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A user Richard gave a very good rating and review to the website, he said that the company has earned his “confidence and loyalty”. Michael Cronin, in his review posted in 2015, said that he found it very easy to place an order and to actually deal with the site. He also specified that the site is “not fraudulent” to deal with. In a review posted by Rita Valentine in 2015, she called the customer service of the company “excellent” and is “very grateful” to deal with the pharmacy.

Since these reviews are posted outside of the vendor’s domain, customers can trust the credibility of these sites and can proceed to order from Reviews 2017

I found out these reviews posted by users most recently. The reviews from 2017 and 2016 suggest that ADV Pharmacy is still in good operation and provides satisfactory services to the customers. Various users have called the e-pharmacy as a “reliable” while others are happy about the good quality medicine from the site.

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Brittany seems to be very much impressed by the friendly and helping customer service and “highly recommends” the online pharmacy. Another customer by the name of Barb Hirsch is also happy by the customer service of the company.

Scam analysis reports from don’t specify a serious threat or trust issues on the use of the site. These reports, however, specify some malware and virus-related issue associated with the site and advise users to take care in using the site. Coupon Codes doesn’t provide a lot of coupon or discount deals for its customers. Users can, however, get medications shipped to them for free if the order costs more than 79 USD. There are as such no other discount deals specified on their website.

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However, I personally don’t mind lack of any coupon deals for customers as I’m under the impression that most fake online pharmacies offer a lot of such deals to attract the users with these ads. So, if the pharmacy provides original products and does not cheats with users, I happy to order from them even if there aren’t any discount deals.

Conclusion is by far the most suitable online pharmacy I found in my search to find the perfect pharmacy. The reviews are good and the customer service is good. Shipping might be a bit expensive, but as long as I’m getting original products, I have no issue paying the shipping fee. Moreover, the scam analysis doesn’t specify any serious threat that the site could pose on customers.

The customer reviews have had a big influence on me since I found mostly positive ones and those too reinforce the good quality of service and delivery of good products. Taking into account all these factors together, I would definitely consider buying medications from and that is the reason I would give ADV Pharmacy a rating of 4 out of 5 (5 being the best).